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A scientific, big data driven approach to cases is critical, but it can’t be done by just anyone.

It takes experience as a trial lawyer to know how to frame studies, ask the right questions, and then turn the massive amounts of data into clear, implementable steps.

John and Alicia have handled bench trials, jury trials, complex appeals, and massive class actions. They’ve also cooperated and consulted with some of the best and most known lawyers in the country on some of the biggest verdicts in the country.

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Data, by itself, is not enough.

Indeed, if you ask the wrong questions, or measure the cases wrong, data can be deeply misleading. The same can happen if you don’t know how to get the right jurors, build the right studies, or avoid putting your thumb on the scale. That is where experience comes in. Fortunately, John and Alicia have been trying cases since 2007.

When Alicia began Campbell Law, she fought for homeowners in mortgage fraud cases while serving the homeless community as well, fighting for disability benefits and fair treatment. John began his work representing injured clients and filing class actions on behalf of people preyed upon by payday lenders, title lenders, and other vultures.

Their practice and experience grew with time, fueled largely by their natural curiosity and a belief that a good trial lawyer can try any case. Along the way they’ve pursued claims relating to discrimination. illegal foreclosures, environmental contamination, every kind of injury case imaginable, FLSA claims, section 1983 claims, class actions arising from police extortion of citizens, professional negligence cases against accountants and others, mortgage fraud, deceptive fees, illegal lending, and much more.

They’ve been lead counsel in at least a dozen states, argued appeals in four federal circuits and multiple states, and have verdicts and settlements that exceed $400 million.

So, they understand litigating, and they understand trials. This matters when consulting with other lawyers. They can talk with attorneys about their cases, about their concerns, about the law, about the rules of evidence, about experts, and much more. Because they have experience, and because they’ve worked with some of the best lawyers in the country helping them study their cases too, they can provide added insight into cases, and they can make sure that big data studies of cases are done realistically, carefully, and in a way that provides honest, precise, accurate and insightful results.

The result of this combination – trial lawyers/trial scientists – is a firm equipped to serve its own clients, and to help other attorneys serve their clients too.

When it comes to experience, the Campbell’s results speak for themselves.

  • They have obtained over $400 million in verdicts and settlements
  • They have argued appeals at four federal courts of appeals, multiple state appellate courts, the Missouri Supreme Court, and Campbell Law has appeared on briefs at the United States Supreme Court
  • They have worked on cases against many of the largest companies in the world, including Chevron, Bank of America, Chase, Walmart, and many others.
  • Campbell Law is recognized by Best Lawyers for its class action practice
  • John Campbell and Alicia Campbell have both been recognized various times by Super Lawyer
  • Alicia Campbell is a member of America’s Top 100 High Stakes Litigators, and 7 Figure Litigators
  • John Campbell is a recognized academic, including a national award for the Best Consumer Law Paper by the American College of Consumer Financial Services
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