In their time at Empirical Jury John and Alicia provided data and guidance to attorneys across the country in cases with total verdicts in excess of $1 billion.

The case type, venue, and verdicts they were a part of are included below.

List of cases worked on when at Empirical Jury:

Case Venue Verdict
Medical Malpractice Colorado $900,000
Product Liability Pennsylvania $1,300,000
Medical Malpractice Iowa $2,100,000
MDL/Product Liability Missouri $21,000,000
Medical Malpractice Washington $23,900,000
Product Liability Salt Lake City, Utah $25,000,000
Professional Negligence Las Vegas, Nevada $31,500,000
Medical Malpractice St. Louis, Missouri $17,000,000
Workplace Negligence Boulder, Colorado $16,000,000
Workplace Negligence Philadelphia, Pennsylvania $15,500,000
Medical Malpractice Denver, Colorado $14,900,000
Wrongful Death Las Vegas, Nevada $38,800,000
Fraud Detroit, Michigan $3,000,000
Road Construction Accident California $56,000,000
General Negligence California $7,000,000
Medical Malpractice Pennsylvania $10,800,000
Workplace Incident Lowndes County, Georgia $13,300,000
Medical Malpractice Detroit, Michigan $130,000,000
Motor Vehicle Cape Girardea, Missouri $17,000,000
Bus Accident Dallas, Texas $20,000,000
Contamination Case St. Louis, Missouri (Federal Court) $46,750,000
Airline Negligence Zoom Trial, Seattle, Washington $3,200,000
Failure to Provide Adequate Security Chicago, Illinois $33,400,000
Product Liability Dallas, Texas $23,100,000
Car Crash Central Illinois $7,000,000
Medical Malpractice Rural Kentucky $8,100,000
Biker v Truck Oregon $9,700,000
Trucking Case Harris County, Texas $90,000,000
Premises Liability Seattle, Washington $91,000,000
Professional Negligence New Mexico $9,000,000
Insurance Bad Faith Las Vegas, Nevada $200,000,000
Crash Case Las Vegas, Nevada $7,100,000
Crash Case Miami, Florida $2,500,000
Nursing Home Neglect Orlando, Florida $10,300,000
Truck v Bike Las Vegas, Nevada $14,100,000
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